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Millenial Forearm Crutches/ Regular Crutches


• A crutch designed to work with you, not against you.
• anatomical handles keeps wrists and hand in their neutral position.
• reduces damage to the carpal tunnel in wrist and hand.
• spring assist/shock absorbing system is specially designed to absorb impact when walking,

and return the energy positively in forward motion.
• sleek design and extra cushion eliminates under arm jamming.
• convient folding system allows you fold and store.

Rental rates

$85.00/week plus tax.

$99.00/month plus tax.

$25.00 Additional week.



Buy new crutches

Tall 5'11"-7'2"  $180.00.

Plus tax

Weekly: $65.00

Monthly:   $99.00

Purchase:$150.00    Crutch fitting and training.

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